Manufacturing Execution Systems

The Power of Infor MES

Infor Manufacturing Execution System (MES) closes the information gap between the shop floor and your ERP solution to provide designers, engineers, marketers, and executives the visibility and functionality they need to quickly determine the impact of any proposed changes to product designs or production schedules. The system’s features and agility helps identify developing problems and make the appropriate corrections as quickly as possible to avoid waste and be able to meet market demands.

The Infor MES Advantage:

Infor MES solutions help you:

  • Achieve fast and accurate communication between the manufacturing floor and your ERP system
  • Clearly spell out and prioritized production employees’ work assignments
  • Provide real-time visibility for management into the production performance of employees
  • Measure actual utilization of equipment
  • Optimize thru-put
  • Improve on-time delivery performance
  • Enhance tracking and analysis of data
  • Get more accurate work-in-process reporting for better decision making