Flash, the data conversion tool

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  • Easily removes unneeded data from history.
  • Consolidates redundant codes and data to a single value.
  • Provides ability to delete or fix data anywhere (master files, code files, and history files).
  • Uses rules based processing to change or delete data throughout the database.



  • Uses a user described library list to scan for files to be selected.
  • Uses user defined search attributes to define the fields to be replaced or deleted.
  • A built in query function finds the files/fields to be processed.
  • Query function displays the record counts of all files containing the search values selected.
  • An audit log tracks the changes and deletions by library, file, and field name.
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  • Ability to quickly change incorrect data throughout the database.
  • Ability to easily delete obsolete data by a user defined value (company, warehouse, item, customer, etc...).
  • Overall performance improvement.
  • Reduces and/or eliminates costly IBM iSeries processor and memory upgrades.
  • Smooths out negative performance spikes.
  • Reduces number of user calls related to questionable data
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Flash uses control files to determine the data records to be selected for processing.


1. Create a list of libraries to be used.

flash 2

2. Define the field to be processed.

flash 3

3. Review the list of files to be scanned.

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4. Define the Field Values to be changed and review the results.