Enterprise Warehouse Management

The Power of Infor EWM

Built to deliver increased visibility, agility and productivity, Infor Enterprise Warehouse Management is designed to reduce costs and ease the growing complexity pressures facing today’s manufacturers and distributors to increase the productivity and performance of their warehouse operations, while strengthening the ability to gain a competitive edge. It is design for even the most complex warehouse operations and highly specialized supply chains.

The Infor EWM Advantage

Infor EAM customer will enable you to:

  • Improve order management
  • Manage resources more effectively to maximize productivity
  • Respond to market fluctuations, customer demands
  • Meet increasing regulatory requirements
  • Streamline processes and workflows
  • Reduce errors

How Infor EWM can help you:

Infor EWM is a best-in-class solution that will enable your organization to strengthen order management, increase labor productivity, and maximize the use of your warehouse assets. As your customer’s become more demanding and your supply chains continue to grow on a global scale your organization needs to improve warehouse productivity and performance to avoid crushing costs.  Infor EWM will empower your organization to do meet those demands, while simultaneously improving bottom-line profitability.