Advanced Planning and Scheduling

The Power of Infor Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Infor Advanced Planning helps improve performance and profitability by optimizing your manufacturing and supply chain plans. This solution easily adapts to your evolving requirements, whether or not you need to
plan across multiple sites, balance product mix capability with profitability, consider shelf-life constraints in stock build strategies, or choose the optimal product recipe or formula based on material availability, costs and demand mix.

At the core of Infor Advanced Planning are constraint-based algorithms and memory-resident processing functionality that holistically considers production capacities, transport routes and capacities, labor capacities and skills, and alternative sourcing options. That means you can maximize the utilization of constrained resources and synchronize all production and distribution activities to demand. So you can rapidly respond to change.

The Infor APS advantage

Infor APS customers gain:

  • 30% boost manufacturing productivity
  • 30% reduction in raw materials costs
  • 50% less excess in finished goods inventory
  • 15% reduction in procurement costs
  • 25% reduction in supply chain costs
  • 40% reduction in wastage costs

Infor APS using Thru-Put

Control constraints so that they don’t control you.

  • Achieve effective capable to promise planning across your enterprise -  Infor Thru-Put simultaneously accounts for material and capacity availability across your supply chain.
  • Create a more stable plan - Infor Thru-Put optimized your entire manufacturing operation, allowing for accurate scheduling and purchasing.
  • Deliver fast and easy access to the real time plan across your organization - Infor Thru-Put uses web-based reporting that makes communication across the enterprise effective.
  • Improve the speed and accuracy of your sales and operations planning - Infor Thru-Put uses a memory-resident model strategy planner that allows organizations to make strategic decisions.
Infor Advanced Planning

Infor Advanced Planning

Soaring logistics costs. Manufacturing bottlenecks. Product variability. Constantly changing demand and supply. With all these variables at work, the challenge is on you to create the best supply chain plan...
Thru-Put Brochure

Thru-Put Brochure

With the relentless demand to manufacture higher quality products in ever-shorter time frames, it’s not enough that you respond to customers’ needs—you need to anticipate those needs to ensure that...