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Cloud is no longer just a buzzword or a far off idea; many manufacturers are already using it to stay competitive in an industry where customer demands are constantly shifting. Investing in a cloud platform is a strategic business decision, not just an IT department move. With cloud manufacturing, you gain real-time agility, speed, and insight throughout the operation.


In today’s data driven world, business intelligence software is no longer a ‘nice to have’, it is a necessity for manufacturers looking to gain a competitive edge. Business intelligence and analytics can streamline your operations by giving you more focused and actionable insights that help you continuously fine-tune your business processes.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) might sound like something out of science fiction movie and a far off concept but many of us are already using AI today. Look at the growth in popularity of digital assistants such as Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa, which use AI technology. Experts are predicting that AI technology will have a significant effect on the future of manufacturing because of the increasing number of possible applications and their implications will have on the industry.

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Today’s manufacturers face increasing pressures to adopt digital strategies such as Cloud, AI, BI, IoT, machine learning, etc... to keep pace with customer expectations and competition. Guide Technologies experts understand what matters most to manufacturers and what technologies will drive efficiency and innovation.

Deep industry expertise, best in class Infor technology, agile implementation methods, we guide manufacturers through digital transformation.