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System Link Toolkit – Infor XA Import Tools

System-Link Toolkit Infor XA Import Tools gives users the ability to seamlessly replace offline loads  when Infor takes them away.  If you depend on offline loads to run critical business functions you can future proof your investment and be able to perform Infor XA upgrades with peace of mind knowing you have a solution in place.

Offline Loads are going away, has already begun in R9, XA Import Tools seamlessly replaces your need for Offline Loads

What It is

System-Link Toolkit and XA Import Tools you will be able to:

  • Increase RPG developer efficiency (when using System-Link) by 60% minimum, allowing for more projects to be completed in the same time.
  • Process millions of transactions in hours vs. days, allowing for more timely delivery of data and thus faster decision-making.
  • Users can resolve system / data errors in minutes vs. hours/days, no waiting for IT, users can fix & resubmit jobs immediately.
  • Future proof iSeries development using the Infor supported System-Link.

What It Means

System Link Toolkit and XA Import Tools offers benefits such as:

  • Allows programmers and users to interact with System-Link without knowing XML and minimal RPG coding.
  • Allows you to learn and use System-Link quickly, manage the transactions in and out, and parse the results into user-friendly responses.
  • To follow Infor’s only supported solution for replacing offline loads.Other key Infor solutions utilize System-Link (e.g. ION, Business Vault, Motion, Inforce, Mingle, etc) to transact with Infor XA.



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