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The ERP Experts for Today’s Complex Manufacturer

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Staying competitive in today’s business world requires both agility and speed. Your business leaders can keep up, but are your software systems able to keep pace and power their initiatives? Too often, aging technology platforms and rigid design structures make systems an obstacle to executing new business strategies, when they should be one of your greatest assets and fuel your growth.

Design and deploy applications quickly, without complex source codes or programming knowledge

What It is

Technology that empowers

At Infor, speed and agility are at the core of our philosophy. We understand that your business doesn’t freeze in time, so the technology that supports it shouldn’t either. Infor Mongoose is a key part of our strategy for delivering technology that empowers rather than controls you, freeing your business to pursue the important functionality it needs quickly and efficiently.

What It Means

Fully integrated with Infor ION (Intelligent Open Network), Infor Mongoose can be used with all Infor ION-enabled enterprise applications.  Our goal with Mongoose is to allow partners and customers to design and deploy applications that enhance existing systems. The result is an innovative approach to making applications work for your unique business needs that preserves your valuable investment in core technology systems, while maintaining future upgrade paths.

The Infor Mongoose Advantage

  • Application extension framework: Mongoose is Infor’s rapid development framework for building new applications and customizing legacy ones.
  • Flexible architecture: Mongoose can be used to build anything-from complex ERP systems to simple web parts.
  • Efficient and fast: Mongoose is engineered to be quick and easy.  Applications can be built in days vs. months and yield huge savings by streamlining business process flows and capturing valuable data systematically.

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