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Business Intelligence – Birst

Birst is a enterprise business intelligence platform that connects together the entire organization through a network of interwoven virtualized BI instances on-top a shared common analytical fabric. Birst enterprise BI delivers the speed, self-service, and agility front-line business workers demand, and the scale, security, and control to meet rigorous corporate data standards.

Birst’s networked analytics connects your team’s insights so you can make trusted, smarter decisions faster than ever before.

What It is

Birst is a next generation platform for enterprise BI and analytics. It enables all users to access data and more importantly use data to make business decision. With Birst users are able to quickly create reports, KPIs, and dashboards with all data throughout the organization. Birst is a born in the cloud and addresses all architectures public and private clouds, on-premises, and hybrid. It is a unique, comprehensive platform for sourcing, refining, and presenting standardized data insights at scale to drive business decisions. The Birst business intelligence platform is a top ranked, rich,  and simplified end-to-end BI suite.

What It Means

With Birst, users improve their ability to:

  • Access critical business information.
  • Filter and analyze data for better decision making.
  • Publish information throughout their organizations-anytime, anywhere.
  • Update reports and analysis on a timely basis without requiring IT resources and involvement.
  • Connect data from multiple sources into a single report.
  • Quickly transform raw data into valuable information.
  • Get faster results and higher ROI on your business intelligence investment.
  • Plan and forecast their business.

What It Does

Birst streamlines and accelerates the processes of gathering, analyzing, reporting, and planning key business information. By enhancing the tools managers use and the information they have, Birst networked BI simplifies complex choices and gives your company a competitive advantage.

  • Unifies complex data across sources.
  • Ability to analyze complex processes and models in real time.
  • Enables agility with uniform and global views by blending centralized and decentralized data.
  • Provides trust throughout the organization because values are correct.
  • Enables users by providing the ability to use a variety of tools. Engaged users drives adoption and ongoing usage.
  • Ability to get data on demand data using a mobile device.


Why Birst

Birst provides a fully networked BI, eliminating inefficient silos throughout the organization that result in inaccurate data. Birst allows you to rethink your BI assumptions.

  • Unify complex data.
  • Analyze cross-entity processes.
  • Blend centralized and edge use-cases.
  • Create trusted metrics with value based design.
  • Consumer or producer, right tool, right users.
  • Time to value at agile speeds.
  • Future proofed, web-scale architecture.

Explore Birst today, with the Birst trial. 


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