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The ERP Experts for Today’s Complex Manufacturer

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The Engineering-Based ERP System for Global Operations

Infor LX—trusted by process manufacturers worldwide—is an ERP solution that offers deep industry functionality and flexibility to help you adapt to new manufacturing trends and regulatory changes. Infor LX is extremely scalable and provides the capabilities you need to support your business as it expands around the globe.

Based on the IBM Power System platform, it provides superior reliability and 40% lower IT costs to ensure superior return on your investment.


What It Means

You’ll have the power to:

  • Reduce costs by building greater efficiency.
  • Maximize customer satisfaction through improved quality and on-time delivery.
  • Boost compliance and sustainability.
  • Respond to change faster and with less waste.
  • Increase revenue and profits.
  • Grow your business.

With Infor LX, you’ll gain a competitive edge by becoming a supplier with better quality, prices, service, and financial future.  Highlights include:

  • New Workspace user interface combined with Pulse and Activity Deck – Delivers a dramatically modernized user experience and will change the way people work.
  • ION Enabled – Extends the core footprint to include high value extension applications quickly and efficiently.
  • Extended applications -Adds new capabilities to deliver significant business value with little disruption on top of core, proven ERP.
  • Flexible global deployment- Delivers single instance for improved total cost of ownership.
  • Reporting and Analytics- Provides a single version of the truth across the enterprise. Drives greater value from core ERP solution and makes data available across the enterprise.

Core Capabilities (can this be a link to another page that pops up?)

  • Application capabilities
  • Extensive process industry capabilities
  • Forward and backward lot traceability
  • Serial number traceability
  • Potency, yields, and by- and co-product support
  • Dynamic weights and measures
  • Quality control
  • Electronic signature
  • Product life cycle control
  • Flexible manufacturing methods support
  • Lean business process support
  • Handles complex pricing scenarios and promotions
  • True multi-facility support for global deployment
  • Multiple language support
  • Global financials with multi ledger and COA
  • Technology Capabilities
  • Workspace 10.2
  • ION Process, Pulse, Activity Deck, Workflow
  • Business vault
  • Single sign-on
  • Web-enabled
  • 360 degree view to business essentials
  • EDI through ECM
  • Extensive exit points
  • Extension file ready
  • iASP support for simplified disaster recovery
  • Double byte enabled
  • Extremely scalable

What It Does

Businesses today are facing tighter margins, and the manufacturing environment has never been more competitive. It is more important than ever to be responsive to change and maximize efficiencies. With Infor LX, you get the core functionality you need to assess the state of your business, and to then adjust supply, manufacturing, and distribution processes to ensure your business model is as efficient as possible.

ERP systems have had a long history of improving efficiency through traditional methods like inventory control and workstation efficiency, but collaboration and communication are also essential to effective process improvement. With Infor LX, users get critical information delivered to them so they can take action through embedded social business communication, making collaboration easier than ever.

Infor LX also supports every phase of your business process, including source to pay, prospect to cash, design to manufacture, and financial tracking and reporting. Infor LX supports all of these processes with deep industry functionality, including:

  • Source to pay
  • Quality specification, test, and disposition
  • Quotes, blanket POs, and repetitive scheduling
  • Consignment and pay on receipt
  • Three-way match on a PO or advanced shipping notice
  • Prospect to cash
  • Quoting, customer specifications, and lot qualifiers
  • Promotions, deals, and trade funds
  • Self-billing and pay on consumption
  • Repetitive schedules and blanket orders
  • Design to manufacture
  • Engineering change control
  • Lot control and serial number track and trace
  • Yield factors, potency rates, and shelf life
  • Byproducts and co-products
  • Financial tracking and reporting
  • Multiple ledgers, books, and charts of accounts
  • Flexible period table definition
  • Advanced journal resolution methodology
  • Analytics at the core

You can deploy Infor LX locally or globally with multi language, currency, time zone, and facility capabilities, allowing all internal business entities the flexibility they require.


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