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The ERP Experts for Today’s Complex Manufacturer

Cloud: Start Quickly, Pay as You Grow

The cloud has become a truly viable option for manufacturers that until now, may have hesitated to implement or upgrade their enterprise software due to up-front investment barriers as well as already stretched internal IT resources.  If your organization needs to implement advanced functionality rapidly, but at a low initial start-up cost, then the Infor Business Cloud is ideal.

Under this option, your organization has access to Infor’s world-class solutions without any large upfront costs. With Cloud, your organization will be able to access the same robust Infor ERP software that our on-premise clients have, but the software, hardware, networking and other infrastructure responsibilities are handled by Infor experts.


  • Manage growth effectively with an extremely scalable solution.
  • Easily adapt to changing needs and lower consulting cost.
  • Structure your technology investment as operating versus capital expense
  • Manage seasonal demand fluctuations of storage and computing needs
  • Expand and contract capacity as needed, paying for only what you use.
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