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Infor Transportation Management SHIPLOGIX

You need to streamline your inbound and outbound transportation processes from order inception to delivery. It’s the only way to be competitive when efficient transportation processes are critical to your success. Infor Transportation Management SHIPLOGIX takes your transportation planning and execution to a new level of efficiency.

Automate and streamline your entire shipment lifecycle with powerful capabilities to enhance efficiency and productivity

What It is

Infor Transportation Management SHIPLOGIX directs and automates the entire shipment lifecycle with capabilities like:

  • Transportation planning—Analyze inbound and outbound shipment orders based on origin and destination. Consolidate them into loads. Determine the most cost-effective way to move loads based on constraints.
  • Trading community infrastructure—Manage inbound and outbound freight from a single source. Process structured exchanges of information between enterprises and users with specific authority.
  • Enterprise integration—Integrate your logistics infrastructure with your enterprise software infrastructure so transportation and logistics align with overall business strategy.
  • Electronic load tender—Use multiple tender methods, including manual carrier selection and tendering, cascade tendering, or automated tendering from imported orders.
  • Shipment rate engine—Perform pre-tender rate reviews, get rated shipment visibility, and perform post-delivery accessorial fee updates.
  • Order visibility—View and control inventory at the granular stock keeping unit (SKU/part level) or track shipments at a higher level such as by carrier, origin, or destination.

The result: Your transportation processes become a source of value and competitive edge, not just a cost on the income statement.

What It Means

With Infor Transportation Management SHIPLOGIX you can:

  • Increase visibility of inventory in transit.
  • Choose the best carriers.
  • Achieve freight economies through optimization.
  • Link supply chain partners.

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