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Infor Supplier Exchange

You’ll streamline and simplify collaboration with your far-flung manufacturing supplier network when you take advantage of the Infor ION business acceleration technologies that are now built into Infor Supplier Exchange.

Streamline and accelerate online collaboration with suppliers throughout the world

What It is

Infor Supplier Exchange raises you to a new level of advanced, web-enabled supplier relationship management for more effective, efficient collaboration and execution with suppliers, regardless of where they are, what systems they use, or what language they speak. With Infor Supplier Exchange, you can:

  • Connect and collaborate with all your suppliers.
  • Improve supplier performance by making visible your demand requirements.
  • Reduce inventory with a choice of supplier-driven replenishment methods.
  • Lower supply chain costs with electronic communication and document exchange
  • Increase operational efficiencies.

What It Means

With Supplier Exchange, you will have the fastest tools available for achieving lower costs and better results. You’ll also gain complete visibility into your supply-side supply chain, streamline communications with partners, and realize a faster return on your investment.   By implementing Infor Supplier Exchange, you’ll gain the power to address today’s most complex supply chain challenges.

What It Does

Infor Supplier Exchange streamlines and accelerates your online collaboration with suppliers throughout the world. With Infor10 ION’s unique event and workflow management combined with the sleek, efficient new  user interface, you’ll get more done faster and get better performance from every part of your supply chain. All told, Supplier Exchange gives you:

  • Inventory tracking and visibility, including in-transit.
  • Multiple replenishment methods, including Kanban and supplier-managed inventory, so you control each commodity based on how it’s used.
  • Discrete purchase order collaboration.
  • Exception management.
  • Automated supplier scheduling.
  • Automated supplier performance rating.
  • Fully integrated machine-to-machine electronic data interchange (EDI), other web-based communications systems, and automated fax capabilities.
  • Capabilities for compliance with communication and quality requirements for automotive suppliers.
  • Web-based negotiation of purchase order items.

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