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At the front end of your supply chain, your demand plan accuracy drives your production, inventory, distribution, and buying plans. With Infor Demand Planning, you’ll have the tools to improve forecast accuracy with advanced statistical forecasting capabilities. You’ll get the sharpest, most accurate picture of customer demand as a solid foundation for your sales and operations plan, plus tools to help you extend beyond forecasting to create a fully synchronized demand-replenishment plan integrated with your ERP system.

Advanced capabilities deliver pinpoint accuracy to your demand plans

What It is

Infor Demand Planning provides a single, global view of the “truth” to accurately predict and shape customer demand across your enterprise. It helps manufacturers and distributors like you understand your total demand plan to take into account:

  • Seasonality
  • Promotions and events
  • Product lifecycle changes

Demand Planning contains three modules that you can deploy individually or combine to form a complete supply chain planning platform:

  • Demand Planner—to deliver accurate “self-learning” forecasts for improved forecast accuracy.
  • Inventory Planner—to optimize inventory at each distribution hub, ensuring the highest levels of available stock for a given customer service-level target.
  • Replenishment Planner—to plan inventory and distribution movements through every node of your supply chain, from supplier through manufacturer and all levels of your distribution chain.

More than 25 years of supply chain management experience built into Infor Demand Planning, so you can be assured there’s proven, rich functionality driving your global supply chain, with supply chain experts guiding you to best practices.

What It Means

Like many other Demand Planning customers, you’ll profit from:

  • Improved forecast accuracy of 20% to 40%
  • Increased on-time delivery performance by up to 20%
  • Reductions in finished goods inventory investments by 10% to 30%
  • Reduced inventory obsolescence by 15%
  • Lower production costs by as much as 20%

Supply chain research consistently demonstrates that improvement in forecast accuracy is the fastest route to reduced inventories and higher customer service metrics. Demand Planning gives you the tools to manage your total demand and distribution replenishment process.

What It Does

Infor Demand Planning provides advanced statistical capabilities combined with market knowledge gained through internal and external collaboration to bring pinpoint accuracy to your demand plans.

With Demand Planning, you get:

  • Demand forecasting. This powerful forecasting tool in a graphical environment automatically detects seasonality, trends, slow-moving items, unusual outliers, and step-changes in demand. With the “self-learning” engine, you forecast demand at any combination of product group, customer, or channel. Model scenarios to see the effect of promotions and events and their future impact.
  • Web-based collaboration. Share knowledge with every stakeholder in the demand planning process. Your internal sales and demand planners better shape demand. External customers contribute with visible input to improve your responsiveness. Suppliers upstream know your plans and improve their delivery performance.
  • Inventory planning. Analyze, model, and strike the right balance between target service levels and your inventory investment. Redistribute inventory according to predicted demand to ensure it meets tailored service levels—and increase your stock turn rates.
  • Replenishment planning. Automatically align supply replenishment with demand across your entire manufacturing and distribution network. Using different modeled scenarios, you can see results ripple through and quickly realign inventory, transport, manufacturing, and buying plans.

The Infor Demand Planning Difference

Unlike other supply chain management systems, Infor Demand Planning uniquely offers:

  • A “self-learning” statistical forecasting engine that improves accuracy over repeated forecasting periods by learning and continually adjusting its model between forecast and actual.
  • Collaboration with all stakeholders in the demand planning process through a web-based user experience.
  • Flexible hierarchies so you can properly model your physical and operational supply chain and change the models as your business changes.
  • Integrated inventory planning and optimization for stock-based supply chains so you can balance investments in inventory with desired customer service level availability.
  • Replenishment planning across your entire distribution chain, ensuring inventory flows through the chain to protect customer-facing distribution hubs and ensuring the highest levels of availability.
  • Exception alerting to draw attention to potential shortfalls in availability so you can respond more quickly to re-flow supply from alternative sources.

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