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Infor Advanced Planning

Infor Advanced Planning is a configurable solution you can mold to meet your unique requirements and address the steady stream of changing variables. Advanced Planning will not only help you optimize your entire supply chain it will also model any unique characteristics of your business.

Optimize all aspects of your supply chain to meet the fluctuations and demands of the market and your customers

What It is

As a manufacturer with a complex, multi-site operation, knowing for certain that your entire supply chain is serving customers at the least possible cost can be a challenge. If you optimize all aspects of your supply chain—including manufacturing, transportation, inventory and purchasing—in a holistic manner you can ensure your customers’ expectation are met at the least cost to your organization.

With Advanced Planning you get capabilities for:

  • Optimization—Holistically analyze production capacities, transport routes and capacities, labor capacities and skills, and alternative sourcing options to maximize resource utilization, minimize total supply chain cost, and synchronize production and demand.
  • Scenario modeling—Model and compare strategies and budgets for inventory management, internal sourcing, workforce deployment, and other factors to decide whether to make or buy product to meet demand.

The result: You produce an efficient, profitable supply chain that makes tradeoffs in production, transportation, material, and procurement to deliver the optimal plan for your business.

What It Means

Infor Advanced Planning helps you:

  • Plan your production, procurement, and transportation plans across multiple sites at the same time.
  • Balance product mix capability with profitability.
  • Choose the best product recipe or formula based on material availability, quality, and demand.
  • Understand in real-time the impact of changes in your supply chain such as a down production line or increase in demand.
  • Consider shelf-life constraints in build-ahead strategies.
  • Provide ATP and CTP answers to your customers’ demand.

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