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Supply Chain Management Overview
Solution Icon for Supply Chain Management

The power of Infor Supply Chain Management

Infor Supply Chain Management combines best in class solutions with industry-specific functionality, giving you the power to plan and execute your supply chain strategies faster and more profitably, from strategic and tactical planning to execution. With analytics at the core, you’ll get the tools you need to optimize your end-to-end supply chain and harness the power of social networking to collaborate more effectively internally, as well as  with customers, partners, and suppliers. Gain greater visibility into your supply chain to optimize utilization of resources and labor, improve inventory and shipping accuracy, deliver the perfect order every time, and respond faster to customer opportunities and market fluctuations.

The Infor SCM advantage

Infor SCM customers gain:

  • 20% higher gross margins
  • 20% higher customer retention
  • 15% less inventory
  • 17% higher perfect order scores
  • 35% shorter cash-to-cycle times
  • 10% increase in revenue

Infor SCM solutions help you with:

  • Maximizing profits—See the profit impact of your supply chain decisions in real time.
  • Optimizing—Get end to end optimization, from forecast through to planning, scheduling, and execution.
  • Analyzing—Analyze your supply chain, manufacturing options, and relevant constraints and choose the plan that makes best use of your assets.
  • Communicating—Collaborate more effectively with customers, partners, and suppliers using the power of the Internet and social networking.
  • Designing—Create the optimal supply chain network and adapt the network to keep pace with changes in your business.
Infor Supply Chain Planning

Margin-driven supply chain management wasn’t even possible a few years ago, but today it can m

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Infor Supply Chain Execution

You can’t make logistical decisions in a vacuum. Transportation problems can cascade like dominoes an

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Infor Supplier Exchange

You’ll streamline and simplify collaboration with your far-flung manufacturing supplier network when

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Infor Demand Planning

At the front end of your supply chain, your demand plan accuracy drives your production, inventory, distrib

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Infor Advanced Planning

Infor Advanced Planning is a configurable solution you can mold to meet your unique requirements and addres

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