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Infor Manufacturing Execution System

In a fast-changing world, agility is of utmost importance. A manufacturer must be able to identify developing problems and make the appropriate corrections as quickly as possible to avoid waste and be able to meet market demands. Infor Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) provides designers and engineers, marketers, and executives the visibility and functionality they need to quickly determine the impact of any proposed changes to product designs or production schedules

Gain enterprise-wide access to real-time information about production, work center and employee status

What It is

Infor MES helps companies gain enterprise-wide access to real-time information about production, work center, and employee status. It helps shop-floor employees benefit from clearer direction, while helping planners, schedulers, customer service personnel, managers, and other key employees make more informed decisions.

What It Means

By giving employees real-time access to the information they need, Infor MES helps them optimize decision making and helps you optimize your business performance.  Companies using Infor MES report numerous tangible business benefits, including:

  • Dramatic reduction in overhead expenses
  • 50% reduction in time spent on data entry
  • 95% reduction in data entry errors
  • 50% reduction in scrap
  • A significant reduction in administrative time and paper waste associated with collecting and preparing shop packets
  • Increased inventory turns
  • Increased throughput and order timeliness
  • Improved compliance with customer and regulatory requirements

What It Does

Infor MES guides, triggers, and reports on plant activities as they take place. Easy-to-use online screens display mission-critical information—such as engineering drawings, process instructions, set-up procedures, and bills of materials— as a part of employees’ day to day workflow.

Key functional capabilities include:

  • Lean execution: Dynamically schedules manufacturing and kanban orders at the plant-floor level, providing supervisors a tool to create and manage schedules that best leverage resources available on any given day or shift, and respond to changes when they occur. Up-to-the-minute, prioritized work assignments are communicated to workers on the production floor through one centralized dispatch screen.
  • Kanban: Supports kanban execution with configurable options for kanban container sizes, loops, empty/full bin processes, backflush inventory, and communication between fulfillment and consuming work centers. The solution automatically triggers a replenishment by scanning a Kanban card, which will either initiate a manufacturing order, purchase order, kanban order, or pull from a store.
  • WIP quality: Systematically delivers a means to reduce the adverse impact of poor quality on overall business performance. By providing a reliable system for measuring, recording, and analyzing quality data, the solution improves the ability to identify and correct problems such as out of tolerance measurements.
  • Online shop packet: Provide mission-critical information through online shop packets to eliminate traditional paper-based shop packets that are error-prone and time consuming. Online shop packets can contain detailed bill of material information, routing steps, process instructions, and more through the use of attachments.

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