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Infor Barcode for SyteLine

As a manufacturer competing in today’s tough business environment, you know speed and accuracy are critical in every business process. To continue to push improvements, you need to refine your business processes, ensure your inventory is accurate, and streamline your logistics and production areas. Infor Barcode for SyteLine is designed to help you simplify your business processes to improve your shop floor and warehouse operations.

Automate your shop floor, warehousing, and distribution operations to cut costs, boost profits and adapt to business needs

What It is

Infor Barcode for SyteLine is a scalable, automated data collection solution that fully integrates with ERP SyteLine and has more than 25 years of discrete manufacturing experience built in. Activate only the functions you need and join hundreds of companies around the world who depend on Infor Barcode. You’ll eliminate warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing activities you don’t need, because Infor Barcode helps you go lean.

What It Means

Infor Barcode for SyteLine will enable you to cut costs and boost profits, which automates your shop floor, warehousing, and distribution operations, and helps you adapt to changing business needs.

Specifically, you can:

  • Implement Infor Barcode quickly, often in a matter of a few weeks.
  • Get a rapid return on investment, often in three to nine months.
  • Eliminate costly errors that result from manual data entry mistakes.

What It Does

From receiving to shipping and everything in between, you can integrate Barcode seamlessly with SyteLine version 8.0 and above. Not only can you quickly activate and use the application, you can configure and reconfigure it as your business processes change. You can implement Infor Barcode with a range of hardware devices, including handheld, wall-and vehicle-mounted scanners; wireless access points; personal computers; and printers. Because you don’t need to enter data manually, you won’t make as many errors. Instead, you’ll streamline your warehouse and shop-floor processes as transactions are automatically posted. You probably won’t need anything more sophisticated than an automated data capture server and a high-end PC. You can scale the solution from several—to several hundred—devices, and get an extensive set of transaction analytics to manage it. Plus, you can configure Infor Barcode’s standard and optional features yourself with a powerful, parameter-driven administration tool, meaning you won’t need programming—and your IT costs will be lower.


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