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Infor Warehouse Management Provia

Infor Warehouse Management Provia is a feature-rich warehouse management solution, offering advanced inventory control, work and task management, kitting and assembly, yard management, slotting, and RFID.

Improve customer service, increase return on assets and increase cash flow

What It is

You’re focused on getting inventory into the hands of customers as efficiently as possible. Given how your customers are demanding more product choices, delivery options, and faster service, it’s easier said than done.

With Infor Warehouse Management Provia, you get capabilities for:

  • Receiving—Automate and accelerate receiving processes.
  • Storage—Automatically store material in the best location.
  • Cross-docking—Move items directly from your inbound to outbound dock.
  • Order processing—Accept orders from a host computer or PC/workstation. Select materials for orders during planning.
  • Picking—Pick orders using the most efficient work path.
  • Packing—Streamline packing using configurable container types.
  • Shipping—Monitor shipments the moment they reach your dock.
  • Inventory control—Use cycle counting to know what, where, and how much inventory you have.
  • Transaction logging—Log every transaction that affects location, quantity, or status of inventory.
  • Kitting and value-added services—Offer customers new value-added manufacturing and assembly services.
  • Labor scheduling—Monitor direct and indirect labor. Provide feedback to workers and supervisors to improve employee performance.
  • Event management—Monitor transactions and automatically respond to exceptions, issues, or opportunities.
  • RFID—Gain efficiency and visibility while complying with radio frequency identification device (RFID) mandates.

The result: You improve customer service, increase return on assets, and increase cash flow by optimizing warehouse processes. 

What It Means

Infor Warehouse Management Provia helps companies with complex and challenging warehouse operations:

  • Optimize resource utilization.
  • Improve warehouse operational efficiency.
  • Reduce labor and supply chain costs.
  • Increase inventory visibility and accuracy.
  • Enhanced customer service.

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