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The ERP Experts for Today’s Complex Manufacturer

Infor Warehouse Management 2000

Your retail warehouse handles extremely high volumes with a large labor force. This makes it critical to assign the right person to the right task and track your labor accurately. You need the accuracy of automation and the flexibility of paper. Infor Warehouse Management 2000 with voice-directed work management can get the job done.

Streamline your complex warehouse operations for better business performance

What It is

With Infor Warehouse Management 2000, you get functionality to meet your specialized requirements. You get:

  • Receiving—Automate and accelerate receiving processes.
  • Storage—Automatically store material in the best location.
  • Cross-docking—Move items directly from your inbound to outbound dock.
  • Voice-directed work and task management—Balance workloads and tasks with available resources and direct work using voice terminals to allow rapid processing at high accuracy.
  • Inventory control—Gain complete visibility into the location, conditions, and quantities of inventory.
  • Labor management—Monitor direct and indirect labor to improve employee planning, staffing, and execution using discrete labor standards.
  • Picking—Pick orders quickly, without errors.
  • Shipping—Monitor shipments from the moment they reach your dock.
  • Slotting—Increase pick rates and minimize disruptions that result from demand variability and seasonal fluctuations.
  • Yard management—Coordinate yard movement with receiving and order fulfillment.
  • Event management—Monitor transactions and respond to exceptions, issues, or opportunities.
  • RFID—Gain efficiency and visibility while complying with RFID mandates.

The result: You streamline your complex warehouse operations for better business performance.

What It Means

Infor Warehouse Management 2000 has been designed with your complex warehouse requirements in mind. It helps you:

  • Optimize resource utilization.
  • Lower labor costs
  • Reduce supply chain costs.
  • Reduce working capital requirements.
  • Increase visibility and accuracy of warehouse inventory.
  • Enhance customer service.
  • Increase revenues and profits.

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