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Enterprise Performance Management Overview
Solution Icon for Enterprise Performance Management

The power of Infor EPM

Make information a strategic asset with Infor’s innovative enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions. You’ll get anytime, anywhere access to the information you need to analyze, monitor, and steer your business, while reducing the time required to create financial plans by 70% or more. From personalized dashboards and role-based analytics to fully integrated planning and forecasting capabilities, you can transform everyday tasks that simply support your business into strategic activities capable of driving it.

The Infor EPM advantage:

  • Simply explore your business data, quickly creating meaningful ad hoc reports and sharing information throughout your company.
  • Increase efficiency with personalized dashboards and in-context data delivered at the point of decision.
  • Get mobile access to the information you need so you can speed response times and improve decision making.
  • Reduce budgeting, planning, and forecasting process time by 70% or more.
  • Speed your close process by cutting hundreds of hours out of audit cycles and easily consolidating both data and companies for management and statutory purposes.
  • Infor’s EPM solutions deliver capabilities in the following areas:
  • Business intelligence dashboards—Get personalized dashboards that give users the information they need to easily track KPIs and improve decision making.
  • Pre-built analytics—Increase both collaboration and accountability through pre-built and role-based analytics that allow everyday users to easily analyze business performance.
  • Budgeting, planning & forecasting—Reduce planning time, increase forecast accuracy, and link plans to strategic objectives.
  • Risk and compliance—Get proactive alerts, real-time tracking of process and user compliance, and automated systems monitoring.
Infor CPM Planning & Budgeting

With Infor CPM Planning and Budgeting, companies can leverage technology to plan and forecast objectively,

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