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Guide TechnologiesGuide Technologies

The ERP Experts for Today’s Complex Manufacturer

Expertise to Maximize Your Technology Investment

As an Infor Gold Channel Partner, Guide Technologies provides a full range of professional services to implement and support your Infor enterprise resource planning solutions, as well as to continue to help you fully leverage your technology for years to come.  Guide consultants combine their deep industry knowledge with advanced tools, templates and a proven implementation methodology to help you complete your technology projects quickly, while addressing your specific business and operational requirements.

Guide Technologies is a leading full service provider. We offer the following enterprise resource planning services:

ERP Consulting

At the heart of Guide Technologies’ Implementation Methodology is a focus on aligning business processes with the goals of the business. Guide Technologies’ consultants help you manage the implementation project from start to finish. Our leadership and implementation experience provides value that help clients achieve their customer service, quality, and operating efficiency objectives. Guide Technologies can help your company integrate the right resource planning solutions for your business environment in the most cost-efficient manner by adhering to our proven project management methodology.

By combining our proven methodology and Infor Enterprise Performance Accelerator Kit EPAK, Guide Technologies can help your employees adopt Infor’s solutions faster, ensuring ROI is realized sooner. Infor Enterprise Performance Accelerator Kit EPAK is a complete simulation platform that addresses pre-installation to post go-live requirements and is flexible enough to work within your organization’s existing IT infrastructure.  No matter what stage of the software lifecycle, Infor Enterprise Performance Accelerate Kit EPAK gives your organization a single platform, with consistent formatting and messaging, for all your process and software evaluation documents, as well as the tools you need to build your employee skill sets and increase employee productivity. This helps ensure the consistency you need across projects and teams.

Technical Services

If you need technical services, Guide Technologies has the skills to design and program modifications and enhancements to the enterprise resource planning software we provide. Our programming and integration services follow our proven methodology to ensure high-quality and cost-effective solutions to meet your company’s business needs.

Guide Technologies provides the following technical services:

  • Application design, coding and implementation
  • Languages RPG (all versions including Free), JAVA, .NET C#, .NET VB, PHP, HTML script, JAVA script
  • Infor XA modifications, enhancements, off line loads, and user exit development
  • Data conversion from legacy systems to Infor XA
  • Infor XA IFM legacy bridge conversion
  • Installation services for Infor XA and all add on modules
  • General contract development services
  • iSeries infrastructure and network support
  • Classroom training on Enterprise Integrator, System Link, RPG ILE, CL, DDS, RPG IV, iSeries Query, and iSeries Architecture, Operations, and Maintenance
  • Infor ION deployment, custom connector development, and custom BOD development
  • Infor ION workflow development, integration and deployment
  • Infor ION event management, definition, integration and deployment
  • Infor ION Business Intelligence (BI) development of context sensitive analytics and dashboards
  • Infor ION Motion mobile application development
  • Infor XA Enterprise Integrator and System Link application development
  • Infor XA integrated web services development: including internet and web integration, Microsoft Office to web services development and integration with Infor XA

Application Training

When it comes to application training, our reputation is unsurpassed. Our instructors are well respected in the industry and have been asked to speak at numerous industry conferences. They have an average of twenty years industry experience in ERP software and implementation.

Guide Technologies customizes our training classes to suit your needs. We can provide training at our location or at your facility. We can accommodate groups of all sizes no matter how small or large.

Project Management

At Guide Technologies project management is our specialty. From our company’s inception, we have helped manufacturing and distribution firms gain value, productivity and manufacturing efficiency from their ERP investment. Our experienced consultants start with templates and work with your project team to create flexible and streamlined processes that integrate operations across the organization.

With an in-depth knowledge of manufacturing and distribution, including numerous Infor ERP and software certified professionals, Guide Technologies can quickly identify any roadblocks to your company’s success and help you move past them.


Using our proven methodology Guide Technologies can help your company to implement LEAN principles of manufacturing with ERP. Lean manufacturing is a management philosophy focusing on reduction of the ‘seven wastes’ to improve overall customer value:

  • Transportation
  • Inventory
  • Motion
  • Waiting Time
  • Over-Production
  • Processing Itself
  • Defective Product (scrap in manufactured products or any type of business)

By eliminating waste (muda), quality is improved and production time and costs are reduced. To solve the problem of waste, lean manufacturing has several “tools” at its disposal. These include continuous improvement process (kaizen), “pull” production (by means of kanban) and mistake-proofing (poka-yoke). Guide Technologies’ consultants are experienced in LEAN manufacturing and have helped clients globally cut out down waste.

Requirements Analysis

Requirements analysis encompasses those tasks that go into determining the requirements of a new or altered enterprise resource planning system, taking account of the possibly conflicting requirements of the various stakeholders, such as users. Requirements analysis is critical to the success of a project.

Guide Technologies provides value in this area by asking questions and providing ideas based on our experience with other customers to develop a comprehensive set of system requirements for your company.

Whether you are implementing a new system, or starting the search for a new system, Guide Technologies can help you define the requirements of your system that are critical for business success.

Custom Development

Every business has unique or unusual requirements.  However, many enterprise resource planning providers make manufacturers retrofit their processes into their ERP solution instead of the other way around.  Not at Guide.

While our Infor solutions are the most robust in the industry, for clients that would like specialized capabilities built into their ERP system to accommodate the unique nuances of their manufacturing operations, Guide offers ERP custom development services.

From building additional functionality into your ERP system, to creating custom applications and interfaces to better leverage your technology, our experts have extensive, hands-on experience in developing custom solutions for every facet of your manufacturing environment.

By engaging our professional development team, your company can accelerate the deployment of solutions to meet market demands, ensure best practices are in place to improve and optimize your operations and rapidly respond to new business opportunities.

Our goal is to ensure you get tangible, bottomline business value from your resource planning technology investment and our custom development services and team of professionals will enable you do that.

VTEK/Business Process Improvement

As an experienced manufacturing company, you know that the implementation of a quality enterprise resource planning system can deliver significant business value and a strong return on your technology investment.  However, how do you identify the type and level of ROI you should expect to gain, based on how you operate? This can often be elusive for manufacturers without the right expertise.

With Guide’s Business Process Improvement Service (BPIS), we can help you quantify the business value you can expect to derive from properly leveraging your ERP system.

Through years of experience, Guide Technologies has developed a proven process to examine your current business practices in order to gain a deep understanding of your current business issues and challenges.  We work to gain an understanding of the needs of your company from your perspective, not ours.

Through a detailed interview process and working hand-in-hand with your COO or other key executive designated as Guide’s internal sponsor, we learn about your current business processes and how they relate to your organization’s goals and other key metrics. We then use your own company’s data to develop and document a customized, step-by-step plan for business improvement.  Based on these results, our experts then make realistic recommendations and provide ROI information based on your how you run your company, rather than on the cookie-cutter, “one size fits all” approach used by many other vendors.

Whether you want to improve efficiencies, implement LEAN processes, reduce lead time, lower costs, or become more competitive in the marketplace, our consultants can help you take industry standard values and relate it directly to your company.  Or, if you are poised to make an ERP investment, we can help you develop a cost justification for that investment so you can choose a system that will enable you to become a more efficient and profitable manufacturer.

Our Business Process Improvement Service is a smart investment that enables us to build a plan that meets your needs, while empowering your organization to fully leverage every ounce of power and business value possible from your ERP technology investment.


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