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Physical Inventory / Cycle Count System

  • Materials Management (MM or IM)
  • Procurement Management (PM or PUR)
  • Financials (IFM, eGL, or AM)

Business Issues

Out-of-the-box functionality from Infor does not support what most companies need when it comes time to conduct their physical inventory counts or regular cycle count processing. Over the years there have been several 3rd party options available for green screen, but nothing has been built in Integrator / Powerlink. Guide has built the functionality in Integrator to support many of the features and functions that customers have either created themselves (custom) or purchased via a 3rd party. These are problematic when migrating to newer versions of XA. With Guide’s solution, our product is fully release transparent.

What It Does

• Supports best practice rules for inventory management control
• Allows for additional reports and/or features to be added relatively easy using built-in, supported Integrator tools
• Provides ability to easily create cycle count groups and easy entry of data from count sheets
• Ability to create count groups by warehouse or subset of items from any warehouse
• Ability to create and print miscellaneous tags while maintaining numerical sequencing control
• Can easily customize tag printing to match your existing tags or new formats you may be (or want to) consider
• Provides enhanced reporting for variance and valuation reporting


• “Built in Integrator” means it looks and feels like all other Powerlink  modules, and that our product is release transparent when you decide to  migrate to future releases and/or apply PCMs/PTFs
• Enhanced tag grouping, subset ability, and easier data entry from count sheets
• Provides ability to print miscellaneous tags while maintaining controls
• Ability to easily “cleanup / delete” unused miscellaneous tags
• Ability to control which printer to use when printing tags or reports
• Can process tags in batch or interactive mode

Screen Shots

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