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The ERP Experts for Today’s Complex Manufacturer

Item Availability & Indented Inventory Inquiry

  • Customer Service Management (CSM or COM)
  • Material Requirements Planning (MP or MRP)
  • Materials Management (MM or IM)
  • Procurement Management (PM or PUR)

Business Issues

  • Everyone uses the green screen item availability (Inventory Management, Item Availability – green screen option #5)
  • Problem #1: it’s green screen requiring another session and flipping between windows, not integrated via a right-click menu
  • Problem #2: it starts with quantity on hand, and gives a running total of receipts and requirement, “similar” to ATP, but there is no ATP inquiry in the system outside of order entry
  • Problem #3: both green screen ATP and Item Availability screens look only at single-level requirements, whereas Guide’s product can be used to show true requirements based on a blow through of the BOM to see what is currently on-hand compared to what is needed based on order quantity
  • Guide’s product is intended to be a set of “execution” tools in Powerlink and not just for planning functions

What It Does

  • Item Availability:
    1. Provides a Powerlink enabled interface to item availability at a line item and/or the item warehouse level
    2. Replicates the visibility of item availability from the green screen and adds even more useful capabilities using the power of Integrator
    3. Shows COs, MOs, POs, CMs, etc all in one easy to view window accessible from CO line item and/or item warehouse views
  • Indented Inventory Inquiry:
    1. Ability to see indented BOM inventory on-hand vs. requirements
    2. Highlights in yellow the items in the BOM that are short based on requirements
    3. Levels within the BOM and color-coded for easy readability even in complex BOMs


  • No need for multiple open sessions when entering orders or researching item availability
  • Ability to combine across warehouses to see total availability of any given part number
  • Ability to create custom work benches and link / drill down as desired based on these Integrator objects and relationships
  • Add / change attributes and columns to be shown in the various views
  • You get both products bundled into one package to instantly increase customer service levels

Screen Shots

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