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The ERP Experts for Today’s Complex Manufacturer

Guide Essentials Utility Toolkit

  • Infor XA ERP (across the board utilities that make your Infor XA experience a cut above!)

Business Issues

Here at Guide we are constantly looking for ways to help you get the most out of your ERP solution. There are always niche areas that need to be filled due to the specifics of a market or your company. These are typically filled by customers developing a solution, workarounds, or by 3rd party solutions that address the specific need. Over the past 10+ years we have developed some very useful and powerful “utilities” that have come from just these types of niche needs.

What It Does

1.   Auto-Start/Shutdown Utility:

  • Configurable to start/stop any 3rd party sub-systems.
  • Database identifies which Infor XA Environments and U-jobs to auto-shutdown and auto-start.
  • In case of a power outage, this utility can quickly shutdown all sub-systems you define.

2. Backup Manager:

  • Configurable via a database, set exactly how and what libraries you want saved.
  • Option to close XA batches as part of the Backup Manager save process.
  • Fully supports custom libraries using the Infor XA pre-backup command.

3. Create/Refresh Environment:

  • Create Infor XA and user libraries.
  • Deletes and rebuilds logicals and views built over files in other libraries.
  • Runs without user intervention. Schedule on the weekend and have a refreshed test environment on Monday.

4. Excel Base Price Upload:

  • Excel plug-in to allow you to work 100% within Excel to update/add base pricing.
  • Ability to change pricing, U0Ms, effective dates, and add new items and price data.
  • Can update across the board or selected subsets by product class, effective data, etc.

5. Extract IDF Maintenance History:

  • Extracts Infor XA maintenance history into a table that can be queried.
  • Generate reports and/or Excel files to filter, sort, and analyze as desired.
  • Audit reports for any business area of interest to monitor can be generated directly from the maintenance logs.

6. 2 for 1 Utility:

  • Identify and recompile programs that use Infor XA or no XA files that are changed for release upgrade.
  • Customize a printed report/form without modifying existing code.
  • Ability to send a single report to multiple printers throughout the company.




  • Efficiency in each area addressed by the utility
  • Pre-built, flexible, proven, stable, supported, and maintained
  • Annual updates provided by Guide to take advantage of any new Infor features
  • Can be purchased as a “kit” at a reduced cost, or individually

Screen Shots

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