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Cumulative Lead Time Calculator (CMLT)

  • Visual Planner (VPi) or Thru Put
  • Material Requirements Planning (MP or MRP)
  • Materials Management (MM or IM)
  • Procurement Management (PM or PUR)
  • Schedule Based Production (SBP)
  • Order Based Production Management (OBPM)
  • Master Production Scheduling and Planning (MPSP)
  • Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP)

Business Issues

Do you feel like your MRP system is fighting your efforts to create a good production plan?  One of the reasons could be that your planned lead times are not synchronized with your true manufacturing lead times. CMLT Calculator runs automatically and ensures that they are synchronized.  Simple, effective and you will see immediate results. Typically it pays for itself the first time you use it. CMLT improves customer service levels and reduces inventory levels. That increases revenue and reduces costs, which means more to your bottom line.

What It Does

XA Material Requirements Planning provides a state of the art planning system. MRP plans production orders and provides exception messages to planners to ensure that actions required to stay on plan and maintain the accuracy of the production plan are completed. So why does it feel like it’s not working?

The Root Cause

  • Your system lead times are not synchronized.
  • In order to ensure that released orders meet planned lead times, it is critical that planned lead times are equal to the standard lead times defined in the Routing Operations.
  • Cumulative Material Lead Time (CMLT) and Cumulative Manufacturing Lead time (CMFLT) are two critical values used in master scheduling and capacity planning. When these values are not synchronized with the routing operation lead times, your system will feel like its fighting your efforts to create a plan that meets demand.

Inventory Chaos

  • For companies that rely on having inventory in stock to quickly fulfill customer orders, the risk of a stock out condition is dramatically increased. The result will be lost sales, an opportunity that will be permanently lost.
  • For companies with a seasonal demand, supply will be 30 days behind the increase in demand.
  • The missed opportunity costs are astronomical compared to the cost of the CMLT Calculator.

The Solution

Guide Technologies’ CMLT Calculator automatically ensures that CMLT and CMFLT values are synchronized with the lead times in the operation routings. CMLT Calculator explodes your bills of material and rolls up your lead times from the values that your manufacturing engineers have put into your operation routings. The benefits are immediately apparent to your planners and quickly improve the accuracy of your master schedules and MRP planning.


  • Reduce work load on planners
  • Improve inventory levels
  • Improve customer service levels
  • Automated or on-demand
  • Easy to measure results
  • Improve your bottom-line

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