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The ERP Experts for Today’s Complex Manufacturer


  • Guide Tech Webex – Guide Product, System-Link Toolkit

    System-Link Toolkit

    Learn and use System-Link quickly, manage transactions, and easily process data with spreadsheets, all with System-Link Toolkit.
    Offline Loads are going away in any future PTF release (it has already begun in XA R9), and System-Link is the only Infor supported solution to replace that functionality. System-Link and XML can be hard to learn for those coming from an RPG background. System-Link Toolkit allows programmers and users to interact with System-Link without knowing XML and minimal RPG coding. 

    If you depend on offline loads to run critical business functions you can future-proof your investment and be able to perform XA upgrades with peace of mind with System-Link Toolkit. Join us for the webex to learn more about the many features and functions of System-Link Toolkit including:

    • Ability to use Excel spreadsheets for data input into XA, without additional programming.
    • Backed by Infor supported System-link processing for security, data input, and validation.
    • Easily create and group XML documents.
    • Enable users to easily see and fix problems, without IT involvement.

    Attend this informative Webex which will include a feature and function presentation, product demo, and Q/A with Randy Kenney, Guide Product Manager.

      Tuesday, September 26, 2017

      2:00 PM (EST)   

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  • Infor Webex Series – Change the way work is done: Infor Paper-Less MES

                                          Bridge the gap between the production floor and your Infor XA ERP solution
    Complimentary Webinar: Paper-Less Manufacturing Execution Solution (MES)
    If you’re currently running Manufacturing Data Collection & Communications (MDCC) or even a previous MES release, as your shop floor communications system, you’ll especially want to attend this presentation to learn the business benefits to upgrading to feature-rich MV2 MES.

    Register for either Webex Date Here!

     Thursday, August 31, 2017, 11am ET

    Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 4pm ET

    Built upon 20+ years of discrete manufacturing experience and leveraging data collection, quality, and lean manufacturing best practices, the Paper-Less MES solution can deliver immediate business impact. It provides greater shop floor control, seamless collaboration, and increased visibility into your manufacturing processes.

    • Increase on-time delivery while reducing costs
    • Increase visibility with visual indicators and real-time metrics
    • “Manage by exception” with proactive notifications, alarms, and alerts
    • Embed integrated quality and electronic Kanban reporting into your workflow
    •  Empower your workforce by providing them with a “single source” of data and entry

    A Paper-Less MES solution is a dynamic information system that drives effective execution of manufacturing operations. Using current and accurate data, MES guides, triggers, and reports on plant activities as events occur. The MES set of functions manages production operations from point of order release to product delivery into finished goods.

    Reserve your spot today on August 31 or September 12!

  • inPOWER 2017 – Infor XA User Group Conference

    The Infor XA User Group (IXAUG) invites you to participate in the most comprehensive and valuable professional learning and networking opportunity available to Infor XA users, inPOWER 2017. The conference is coming to Chicago, October 15-17, 2017.
    With more than 100 super-users, industry experts and consultants and Infor partners presenting, you will return to your organization inspired and equipped with proven strategies to improve your skill sets and help your business succeed. Among the more than 140 conference sessions, you’ll find multiple sessions introducing tactics to use the technology you already own to work smarter, not harder.

    Key Note Speaker – R ‘Ray’ Wang  –  R “Ray” Wang (pronounced WAHNG) is the Principal Analyst, Founder, and Chairman of Silicon Valley based Constellation Research, Inc. He’s also the author of the popular business strategy and technology blog “A Software Insider’s Point of View”. With viewership in the 10’s of millions of page views a year, his blog provides insight into how disruptive technologies and new business models such as digital transformation impact brands, enterprises, and organizations.

    His new best selling book Disrupting Digital Business, published by Harvard Business Review Press and now globally available provides insights on why 52% of the Fortune 500 have been merged, acquired, gone bankrupt, or fallen off the list since 2000. In fact, this impact of digital disruption is real. However, it’s not the technologies that drive this change. It’s a shift in how new business models are created.

    Register by August 31, 2017 to take advantage of the early bird registration rate, or save more if your business registers 3 or more. 

  • Guide Product Webex – Scan-N-Track, Real Time XA Transaction Processing

    This webex will cover the many features of Scan-N-Track customers and the real-world benefits customers are seeing from using the system as well. A few features and benefits include:

    • A Full Support for Pick, Ship and Invoicing.
    • Real Time Transaction Verification and Transaction Posting.
    • Provides full support for bar-coding and label printing at point of need.
    • Instantly pays for itself with significant improvements in visibility, data integrity, and real-time processing of transactions.

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  • Guide Tech Webex Series – How much could you save with Infor CRM?

    Everyone says CRM can save you money. But the real question is how much could it save YOUR business. Join us for a 45 minute webex to learn more about Infor CRM.

    Webex highlights include:

    •  Live demo
    • X-bar and Microsoft Outlook integrations
    • Sales management tools
    • Anytime, anywhere mobility access

    Register Today! 

  • Guide Tech Webex Series – Turning your Service and Repair Organization from a Cost Center into a Profit Center

    Turning your Service and Repair Organization from a Cost Center into a Profit Center Presented by Joe Marino with RMB Solutions

    Find out the latest in Infor XA-integrated tools for optimal performance at your service organization. This webex will include a product demo to walk you through best practices.

    Here is a taste of what you’ll learn:
    1. How you can reduce labor costs with accurate, up-to-date information from integrated back office systems, instead of error-prone and labor-intensive spreadsheets.
    2. How to stop leaving money on the table with the ability to quickly verify warranty claims or view the associated service contract.
    3. Why checking on inventory availability can increase revenues. 

    Register Here!

    Thursday, May 18, 2017
    2:00 PM (EST)   


  • Guide Tech & Infor Webex – Does Investing in ERP Make Sense for your Business?

    Featuring David Willms – Infor & Mick Pennington – Guide Technologies 
    Webex – Thursday, April 6 @ 2:00PM EST
    With recent favorable economic signals, market up-turns, and industry-shaking technological advances, more and more manufacturing executives and boards are asking does ERP make sense for us?

    Some manufacturing leaders are still wondering “Does investing in ERP make sense for the business?”. Others have progressed on to asking “Which is the right ERP for us?”. The complexity and importance of each of these questions can have executives stymied in a kind of ‘analysis paralysis’ of in-decision as they search for a starting point, or wait for that optimal time when ‘things are not as busy’… while other companies are moving ahead. Many manufacturers are already well into the process of applying the capabilities of modern ERP systems to innovate, streamline, and grow their business.

    Guide Technologies would like to provide YOU with that starting point. Please join us for this hour long WebEx where we will:

    Review key considerations – the “questions behind the questions”.
    Look at what other manufacturers have done.
    Introduce an efficient and effective process for answering the 2 critical questions.
    Look at Infor BI and how manufacturers are using it.
    Cover the next steps for moving your company forward.
    Register Today

  • Guide Tech Webex Series – Automate your Accounts Payable Process with Infor XA and IntelliChief

    Automate your Accounts Payable Process with Infor XA and IntelliChief
    Featuring Brian Spiro – IntelliChief

    Is your Accounts Payable process really as automated as it can be? Are you still manually keying information into Infor XA to perform your 2 way or 3 way match process? Or creating AP Transactions by shuffling paper invoices for approvals between departments? Do you have a total lack of visibility as to how your AP process is performing? If you answer yes to any of these questions then you can’t miss this webex.

    Here are few of real world beneifts IntelliChief integrated wtih Infor XA delievers:
    • Eliminate manual invoice data entry to Infor XA
    • Reducing costs associated with processing and filing vendor invoices by over 75%
    • Increase automation and streamline processes via workflow to reduce cycle time by 80%
    • Increasing visibility in to the AP processes through reports and dashboards
    • Reduce the risk of late payment fees while increasing the amount of early payment discounts.

    Register Here!

    Tuesday, February 21, 2017
    2:00 PM (EST)     


  • Register for the SyteLine Symposium 2017 today!

    SyteLine Symposium 2017 !

    Join us in sunny Irvine, California for the SyteLine Symposium 2017. This year’s event will be in a brand new format! The SyteLine Symposium is an opportunity for users to generate new ideas, explore opportunities, and collaborate with friends. Your one stop for all that is SyteLine and CloudSuite Industrial. 

    This year’s Keynote speaker will be Charles Phillips, Chief Executive Office, Infor Global Solutions.

    Symposium Website 

    Regular Rate – $449

    Registration Link 

  • Inforum 2017 – A customer event unlike any other!

    Inforum 2017 all under one roof at Javits Center!

    All education sessions. All products. All industries. Customers, partners, employees—all in one location for 2½ days of learning, sharing, and networking.

    Bruno Mars to perform at Inforum 2017
    Grammy-winning, Hot 100-chart-topping artist, Bruno Mars to headline Inforum 2017 customer appreciation concert! The celebrated singer, songwriter, producer, and musician has sold more than 170 million singles worldwide, making him one of the best-selling artists of all time. Space is limited, so register soon.

    Conference registration fees
    Early Bird $1,895 from February 1 thru May 26, 2017 –  Save $400 off the onsite rate!

    Register Today and Save Big! 

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