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ERP, CRM & the New Customer Experience

In the manufacturing technology world, we talk a lot about the back-office business benefits of enterprise software solutions. Things like profits, savings, production, and efficiency. While these are certainly worth a lot of attention and analysis, there is another business area that is equally impacted and improved by enterprise software, but less frequently discussed — the customer experience.

Customer Relationship Management & ERP

It is impossible to have a thorough discussion about the impact of business technology on the customer experience without mentioning the other half of the enterprise software equation — customer relationship management (CRM). Both ERP and CRM are used to improve a business’s operations, data analysis, and profits. CRM differs from ERP in that it deals primarily with marketing, sales, support, and service, rather than finance, manufacturing, and business operations.

Similar to the capabilities of ERP, CRM organizes, automates, and synchronizes sales, marketing, and customer service. It provides on-demand access to real time customer information — contact information, communication logs, purchasing histories, asset records, and more. It centralizes sales and lead generation processes, integrates with marketing  and billing platforms, and keep track of support tickets. CRM systems are able to view forecasts and anticipate sales needs more effectively.

The best CRM solutions for manufacturing also integrate with ERP for even bigger business benefits.

ERP, CRM & the New Customer Experience

Integrated CRM allows for more detailed customer, order, and invoice information to help business as well as customer interactions run more smoothly. Quick, simple, and effective experiences encourage repeat business, in turn increasing profitability.

This solution also helps identify sales opportunities and drive results by using sales management tools, analytics, and proactive alerts to prompt accurate forecasting. With Infor CRM, you can maintain a comprehensive database of vendors and suppliers to effectively maintain supply and demand and improve inventory management.

According to solutionsreview.com, “a well-integrated CRM application within your ERP system can give [clients] the confidence about their customers in three ways:”

  • Customer Activity Awareness: Being aware of specific customer’s activity, such as purchase patterns and past orders, can help both sales and customer service come across as more familiar to customers.
  • Personal Profiles and Notes: The ability to easily access personal notes on individual customer profiles and obtain information on purchasing trends, allows distributors to personalize their customer service.
  • Easy Follow-up and Engagement: With the insight to customer activity, wholesale distributors can leverage powerful analysis tools to strategically price customers, reassign selling resources, and guide marketing efforts.

Infor CRM integrates seamlessly by design with Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP solution to further assist with your manufacturing operations needs. You can even track performance and processes on the go with its handy mobile features!

Want to get started with Infor solutions? Contact Guide Technologies. We are an Infor Gold Channel Partner with over 20 years of experience helping manufacturers find, implement, and optimize software solutions to grow and improve their business.

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