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Partnerships That Deliver Bottom Line Results

Guide Technologies works with manufacturers and distributors to provide solutions that enable companies to gain market share, operate at peak efficiency, and exceed their customer expectations.  Our partners include:



Infor is the world’s 3rd largest provider of enterprise software, with approximately $2.2 billion in revenue, and the 10th largest software company in the world. Infor delivers fully integrated enterprise solutions for a wide range of industries, as well as best-in-class, stand-alone products that address the essential challenges its customers face in areas such as: enterprise resource planning, supply chain planning and execution, customer and supplier relationship management, asset management, product lifecycle management, financial and performance management as well as business intelligence solutions. With 8100 employees, Infor provides enterprise solutions to 70,000 customers in over 100 countries.



Guide Technologies sells and implements the Infor ERP XA products that run on IBM hardware and middleware. The Infor and IBM strategic alliance leverages the core assets of the two companies to ensure performance is strong, costs are low, and quality is consistently high. Guide Technologies has intimate knowledge of IBM’s iSeries hardware and associated middleware and is fully capable of installing and implementing those solutions.



Guide Technologies sells and implements the Infor ERP SyteLine solution that is based on Microsoft’s .NET architecture and Microsoft’s SQL Server. To that end, Guide Technologies has the support and knowledge to fully implement the Infor ERP SyteLine products that utilize Microsoft’s technology.

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Endowance Solutions is a business consulting team specialized in analyzing and optimizing key business processes using cutting edge technologies. Endowance implements complete Cloud solutions that include Salesforce.com and INFOR ERP products.  Guide Technologies and Endowance Solutions have jointly engaged with several customers, and are now formalizing their partnership. This will allow the companies to offer a full suite of solutions to their customers that include the best in class ERP as well as the world leader in the CRM market.

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